Wreckfest Review

Wreckfest Review

From the makers of FlatOut, Wreckfest is the automotive equivalent of a bar brawl, and it’s brilliant.


Wreckfest Review – here it is in honest review of wreckfest !
No fancy editing or music in this video, just 30 minutes of a crazy Sim-Racing British guy trying to cover all the questions and the most pertinent aspects of Wreckfest !

Simply put Wreckfest is the best Destruction Derby simulator / Game ever made – awesome physics awesome net-code awesome damage model.

Its not perfect but the only real big negative of this title is its launch price of 38.99 , once this title hits the sub 25 price point its a game you have to own and I say that as an original backer of the titles back in the early access days.

You can get the game on amazon here – https://amzn.to/2yjxLH0

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Wreckfest PS5 Honest Review! Warning before you Upgrade! PS5 News

Today’s video is about the upgraded version of WreckFest on the PlayStation 5 gaming console that just dropped for BugBear and Thqnordic. For the last year or so we been playing WreckFest on the PlayStation 4 and I think it’s one of the best racing games that has came out in many years. LOVE IT! Now let’s do the review on the PlayStation 5 version.

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Wreckfest PS5 Review – The All Star of Destruction | Pure Play TV

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Wreckfest delivers a fantastically fun experience on PS5, even if the upgrade doesn’t go as far as we’d have liked it to.

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What’s It Like Playing Wreckfest With A Hardcore Simulator?

Wreckfest isn’t usually a game i’d associate with my sim rig, however alot of you have argued otherwise. Time to give it a go!

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